Thai Food

For a taste of experience, try our traditional Japanese Food at The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro.

Thai Food Is One Of Our Great Specialties

Thai Food | The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro : Oxford, MS

Each Thai dish on our menu is deliciously sour and reverently sweet. Take your time and try many of the delicious items our chefs carefully prepare. We are committed to creating a truly delectable experience. We will soon gain your confidence and you'll want to try everything Thai on the menu.

Try Thai

Anyone who has not tried Thai food should discover the Pad Thai Noodle entree with a choice of savory white meat chicken, juicy beef, succulent roasted pork or exquisite vegetarian tofu. Your choice of meat is stir-fried with attractive beansprouts, onions, an egg with super spicy Thai seasoning and garnished with chopped peanuts: A truly memorable dish!

An Orchestra in Your Mouth

If you believe Thai cuisine is all just a hodge-podge of flavors, think again. Experts agree it's more like an orchestra on your palette. If you have yet to experience Drunkard's Noodles, there's no better time than now, because you can gain satisfaction from ordering and experiencing the well-known Thai dish. With your choice of savory meat, vegetables or seafood, we stir-fry wide, wild rice noodles and with our delicious one-of-a-kind Thai spicy sauce. It's not only seasonally hot; it's a dish with a reputation!

Thai Food Reinvents You Completely

If you're a stranger to Thai food, some argue it will completely wipe your food-sensibility-slate clean. You may know who you are before you pick up your chop sticks, but you're food sense will be completely reinvented. In our Thai dishes, we use a large number of spices that are impossible to find in the US, and that may account for the mystique. Whatever the crazy out-of-body truth, you should enjoy!