Japanese Food

For a taste of experience, try our traditional Japanese Food at The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro.

We Give You The Best Japanese Food Around

Japanese Food | The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro : Oxford, MS

When you talk about Japanese food, you might stop after Sushi because Sushi dominates the conversation, but Japan also has given us some delicious entrees you may not have experienced. With your choice of succulent roast pork, savory white meat chicken, juicy beef or our exciting vegetarian tofu, we can find plenty of delicious Japanese entrees to serve you.


Few dishes seem more all-around agreeable from our menu than Japanese Yaki Soba with delicious angel hair noodles stir fried with your choice of meat or tofu, pleasant nappa, onions and seasoned with our special Japanese spices. "This ain't the packaged soba!" as your grocer might say. It's a sure hit with anybody who wants to eat Japanese cuisine.

Yaki Udon

Udon noodles are delicious thick noodles that our chefs stir fries to perfection with your choice of savory meat or tofu and vegetables and our special seasoning. Yaki Udon is a choice from our menu that everyone loves.


If you want a good sampling of this world famous cuisine, try one of our small plate items like Ahi Tuna Tataki, seared tuna with ponzu. We combine mouth-watering raw fish and vinegared rice to make sushi dishes, and we offer them with delicious sauces and pastes. The dishes are attractive to look at and thrilling to eat. Try all our sushi dishes including our Sushi and Sashimi dinner plates.

Japanese Bento Box

For a lunch special, order our Japanese Bento Box. We pack it with Miso soup, a salad, white or fried rice and your choice of California roll, a vegetable spring roll or cheese wontons. Then choose two main course items from numerous selections including Teriyaki chicken, shrimp or steak, sweet-and-sour chicken or broiled white fish and more.