Chinese Food

For a taste of experience, try our traditional Japanese Food at The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro.

Our Menu Has Chinese Food

Chinese Food | The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro : Oxford, MS

Aroma and taste are undeniable qualities of good Chinese Cuisine. They reflect winning flavors that few other cuisines can achieve. Although most people enjoy good food, the Chinese love to make food taste great, and they're successful, especially if you are looking for many taste experiences.

The Search Ends Here

Delicious Chinese food is easy to find here. Check our menu and try a Chinese Lo Mien with luscious stir-fried egg noodle, bean sprout, napa and carrot. You can choose from a lovely selection of meats and tofu: white meat chicken, beef, roasted pork or vegetarian tofu.

Pork Temptation

Be tempted by our pork dishes such as braised pork with Chinese vegetables, a braised fatty meat pork served over Chinese vegetables. The menu beckons with exquisite and scrumptious Pork Beijing Style, lean pork stir fry with succulent Hoisan Sauce. Roasted pork is especially delicious when you've worked up a real appetite.

Seafood Delights

Good seafood looks easy to make, but it's not. You must use only the freshest ingredients and patiently tend to the seafood until its ready to serve. The right seafood dish, like Hunan Crispy Whole Fish served with a tangy, spicy sauce, is something you don't want to miss.

Vegetarian Dishes

There's nothing more pleasurable than a chef who makes vegetarian dishes taste delicious. We pride ourselves on serving only the freshest vegetarian entrees, with a devotion to charming flavors, agreeable textures and hearty wholesomeness. Few dishes can impress visitors more than our Asian Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce or our Season Fresh Chinese Vegetables Sauteed.