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For a taste of experience, try our traditional Japanese Food at The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro.

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About Us | The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro : Oxford, MS

There is more than one taste in Asian cuisine. Long ago, our cuisine was found in Asia, but the world had yet to discover the delightful foods that brightened our world. As distances became smaller, many Asian foods made their way to strange and distant shores. Asian chefs have always looked to other cultures for influences, creating new and imaginative dishes. It is only natural that the cuisines from different tables might be served on one.

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Few dishes give more pleasure than Asian cuisines, so it's hardly surprising that Japanese, Chinese and Thai food is served all over the world. As visitors to our restaurant will discover, the appetizers, soups, salads, chicken, pork, seafood and beef dishes we serve are worth exploring.

Our recipes harmonize with the spicy sweetness of our delectable ingredients. Visit our menu and try crispy Calamari, Yellow Tail Sashimi or a bowl of Miso Soup. Then wend your way through the rest of our offerings. We know you'll be pleased.